The First Solo Album


On March 29th, 2010, Roel Funcken (in conjunction with Ad Noiseam records) released his first solo album Vade to the world. A wild journey through all forms of electronic music, from IDM to Dubstep, Experimental to Ambient, Vade stands on its own in its drive to bridge wide alien landscapes of sound and technique with Roels unique vision of the future of music.

The melting pot that brought Vade to release can be distilled to three main factors among the wider scope of ingredients. The skills and energy he honed through his work on a massive list of other projects, his passion for the science of sound mixed with his love for the abstraction of matter and form, and his endless infatuation with the pioneer musicians around the world engineering exceptional audio, from jazz to grime. Through these fires Vade became his singular response back to that dimension, and in collabz with some phenomenal friends and guest artists it became much more than he could have imagined at the start.

When you get a chance, check the hifi version of this site to grab multitrack files for the album cut "Bluent", find a hidden download for the track vertox and get detailed info on the work.   For now, find a tracklist, mp3 links to preview material and other info related to the release.



Roel Funcken - Vade

Cat#: adn122
Format: CD and Digital
Release date: March 29th, 2010


1. Gallice
2. Vertox Dreaming**
3. Cobaned Banner*
4. Ledge
5. Fiction Stub*
6. Bluent
7. Daze Flextone*
8. Skarm Sfias*
9. Spi Trade
10. Martyrz*
11. Koortshond
12. Vade*
13. Lyra Stellum*
14. Orc Darce
15. Halfkriel ***
16. Lajor Mazer

* Collab with Cor Bolten
** Collab with Cor Bolten and TJ Dimoon
*** Collab with Kettel

All trax written and produced by Roel Funcken.


I believe I have a unique vision on music in its pure form, an unrestrained funck. A beautiful amalgam of the sounds that are found elsewhere. Structure in the sense of driving rhythms, freeform melodics layered over each other in unbelievably complex structures, and then the key: those counterpart sighs and washes that react to and subvert the main mechanism.

I live to create music in every genre. I'm interested in going from jazz to ambient and from D&B to IDM. Musically I'm the more nervous one, strange measures, fast changes and dissonant melodies and lots of edits. But sometimes my gut tells me to do the exact opposite, in a schizophrenic kind of way, like the difference between Quench and Funckarma.